Earl, The Grumpy Puppy, Is The New ‘Grumpy Cat’

Puppies are supposed to look happy and silly and always carefree, right? Well, Earl is not one of those puppies.

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This is Earl. He is not amused. Via Earl the Grumpy Puppy/Facebook

World, meet Earl.

Earl is a second generation Puggle, and he has a perma-scowl. Oh, and Earl also has a bit of an underbite, making him extremely lovable and on the verge of claiming the next spot in the Internet Famous Pets hall of fame.

Sunday funday!

A photo posted by @earlthegrumpypuppy on

Earl has only been active on social media for a couple months now, and already has over a thousand followers on Facebook and Instagram. And it should come as no surprise that most of Earl’s photos are not happy photos.

Hello Instagram! #earlthegrumpypuppy #grumpypuppy #grumpydog #puggle #pugglesofinstagram A photo posted by @earlthegrumpypuppy on

We’re sure he has a super sweet personality, but he just never looks pleased. He appears to always need a nap, or is bummed that his previous nap just ended and he is now forced to interact with others.

Don’t worry, Earl. Most of us feel the same way. Let’s admire his furry, frowny face, some more, shall we? Here’s Earl when his owners tell him it’s time to socialize with strange pups at the dog park.

I need to go to the bathroom…but it’s raining outside!

Posted by Earl The Grumpy Puppy on Sunday, June 28, 2015

And when he finds out that his owners deleted reruns of Animal Planet shows on the DVR to make room for The Bachelorette.

And when he overhears his humans talking about an upcoming extended vacation.

Getting sleepy 🙁

Posted by Earl The Grumpy Puppy on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

And if this isn’t the perfect depiction of a Case of the Mondays, we don’t know what is.

Earl, we love you to bits already.

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