Ear Tags and Talking Cats

Identification alternatives offer cat owners options for recovering a lost pet.

Kitten with collarCat owners who aren’t easily enticed by the heart-shaped identification tags that are standard stock in pet stores might be tempted by the latest identification innovations. Unlike microchips or tattoos, the following tags offer an economical, highly visible way to identify feline family members.

The IDeclare Talking Pet Tag can help your wandering cat safely talk to strangers. Up to 20 seconds of recorded message may be stored on a digital voice chip encased in the tag, which plays at the touch of a button.

Based on a similar premise, The Finder System relies on a unique serial and 800 number engraved on the tag. Cat owners who buy the system call the 800 number, enter a personal identification number and the serial number, then record a message detailing how the cat can be returned. Someone who finds the lost cat simply calls the 800 number and is instructed to enter the tag’s serial number to retrieve the owner’s message.

Cats that turn up their nose to traditional tags may tolerate the EarTag, an earring-type stainless-steel tag engraved with an ID number and the owner’s or family veterinarian’s phone number.

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