Ear Marks On Ferret And Nail Trims

What are the marks on a ferret's ears and is it safe to trim a ferret's nails?

Q: I’m new to having my ferret, and I love him already. He was given to my husband and me. What are the two little marks on his ears? Is it OK to cut his nails myself?

A: The marks on his ears are probably a tattoo that indicates he was bred by a large ferret breeder called Marshall Farms. This is fairly common in ferrets purchased from a pet store.

It is most certainly OK to cut his nails yourself. Put some Ferretone on his belly or on a plate to keep him occupied while you do this. It is best to use small animal nail clippers to cut the excess nail. Watch out for the quick, the red area that you can see through the clear portion of the nail. If you accidently cut the quick, the nail will bleed. Use styptic powder to stop the bleeding. Nail trimming usually takes two people at first, one to hold the ferret and the other to trim the nails.

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