Ear Discharge in Dogs

The causes and treatments of a dog’s ear discharge.


Trauma: Injury to external ear canal or head trauma.

What to do: If your dog has suffered a head injury and is bleeding from the ear(s), contact your veterinarian or emergency clinic immediately.

Foreign bodies: In ear canal (dirt, grass awns, burrs, or other plant material).

Infectious disease: Otitis externa (bacterial and/or yeast infection).

Parasites/Parasite-borne disease: Ear mites.

Allergies: Atopy (allergy to inhaled substances) or food allergies.

Tumors: In ear canal.

What to do: If your dog has a burr or other foreign body in its ear — and you can see the foreign body — carefully remove it with tweezers or your fingers. Do not insert tweezers into the ear canal beyond where you can see. For foreign bodies that you can’t remove and other types of ear discharge, call your veterinarian during regular office hours to make an appointment for diagnosis and treatment.

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