Dying Hamster Spends Last Days Checking Items Off His Bucket List

A hamster named Robin Williams is suffering from a large tumor in his abdomen. So his owners are making his final days the best ones yet.

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This hamster is living out his final days making epic memories with his family. Via poppy.and.pippin/Instagram

If you knew that your days were numbered, what would you do? Most of us would probably choose to spend that time surrounded by loved ones, having fun and making memories.

And that is exactly how a hamster named Robin Williams is spending his last days on Earth.

Robin is a Syrian hamster who lives in Chicago with his two rabbit siblings, Pippin and Poppy, and owners, Arden and Riley. According to an Instagram post by @poppy.and.pippin, Robin was recently diagnosed with a large abdominal tumor. Because the tumor is taking up a large amount of Robin’s blood supply, Robin’s owners decided surgery was too great a risk.

Sorry for not posting today! We were out doing some bucket list stuff! So for those of you who don’t know, Robin’s tumor cannot be removed because it is taking up a large amount of the blood supply. We found this out yesterday during a small procedure. He’s not in any pain and his quality of life is excellent. We just chose not to risk removing the tumor in the fear that he would pass in surgery. At this point we know he could live for another year, month, week, or day. I deeply regret not showing him as much on this account (we have just as many picture of him as we do Poppy.) but I really do hope we get at least another year with him. Thank you all for your support, prayers, etsy purchases, and friendship. We love you Pawtners! ????⬇???? @smudgestigscampi @flounderbunny @mybunny_blog @thebunnybenji @hoppyrabbits @theodorepotato @dorothybun @meslapichoux #syrianhamster #chicagoadventure #bucketlist #cancersucks #adventure #brave #teddybear #hamstersofinstagram #robinsbucketlist #robinwilliams #ccpetoftheweek

A photo posted by Pop, Pip, & Rob of the Shire (@poppy.and.pippin) on

And then it was decided that they would make sure Robin’s last days would be filled with happiness, comfort, love and accomplished goals.

“Deciding to do a bucket list was easy. He already goes everywhere with us, so why not bring him to some of our favorite places around Chicago?” the couple told ABC News.

Robin’s veterinarian told the couple that he might have a year left, a month, a week or a few days. In the short time since his diagnosis, he has…

Taken a selfie at the art institute:

Crossed the Chicago River at sunset:

Pigged out on junk food:

And he’s become Internet famous!

No matter how long little Robin has left, he knows he is loved and cared for. And isn’t that the ultimate goal?

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