Dying Dog Found On The Street Undergoes Incredible Transformation, Gets Second Chance At Life

A dog was found on the streets of India suffering from severe mange and close to death. Then he was saved.

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This dog went from the edge of death to a life filled with love. There are many more just like him who need help.
Chrissa Hardy

When your days are filled with darkness, it can be hard to see the light.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Animal Aid Unlimited, India, a dog suffering from severe mange and starvation is rescued from the streets of India. His road to recovery is a long one and absolutely heartbreaking, but also incredibly inspiring.

When the dog is first found, he’s curled up into a ball, seemingly ready for death to take him away.

Via YouTube

This was the day this dog’s life completely changed. Via YouTube

Animal Aid takes him to a local shelter for treatment. At first the poor dog only sleeps, barely even moving his head when food is placed in front of him. Having lived on the streets, he isn’t used to being touched, and winces every time it happens.

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These caring folks never gave up on him. Via YouTube

But then his outer wounds (and inner wounds) begin to heal, and his skin starts to brighten along with his spirit.

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This is the look of a survivor. Via YouTube

About two months later, his fur has grown back, and for the first time, the dog smiles and wags his tail like a happy little puppy.

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Well, hello, beautiful boy! What a transformation! Via YouTube

The message here is clear: No matter how bleak things seem, you should never, ever give up hope. A new beginning could be just around the corner.

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