Duties Of Ferret Health List Moderators

Reviewing and approving posts is a large part of the work of an FHL moderator, but a lot of other duties also come with the task.

What does a Ferret Health List moderator do? Sukie Crandall, who moderated the FHL from 2001 to 2011, said the biggest duty is reviewing posts to ensure that they follow the rules and that the presentation is a clean as possible for easy reading. Having posts that repeat quotes from previous posts, for example, can create a lot of clutter.

Why is it important to follow the rules and keep clutter to a minimum? “Almost all of [the rules] were created to ease the use of the FHL by member veterinarians since they lack a lot of free time to donate to help members,” Crandall said. “By optimizing how veterinarians can use the FHL, the chances of members getting useful replies and the opportunities to learn both increase.”

But that’s not all. FHL moderators also help members who might have problems receiving the list, check that files, photos and links are up-to-date, do research for answers when possible and more. The FHL also offers great ferret health resources.

“Pam Sessoms began as the list librarian and as such she also began the FHL list of veterinarians, the FHL list of Compounding Pharmacies, and the separate FHL Archives,” Crandall said. “Pam is one of the owners of the FHL as well as a moderator.”

Being an FHL moderator is truly a job in itself, and those who do it are volunteers who want to improve the lives of ferrets.

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