DUI Suspect Tells Cops His Dog Was Driving The Car

That could explain why the car ran off the road and crashed into a house.

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"Is there a problem here, officers?" (This is not the actual dog who supposedly drove the getaway car.) Via Scott O'Donnell/Flickr

If you see blue police lights flashing in your rearview mirror, it’s typically a bad idea to speed up and lead them on a chase through a residential neighborhood, especially if you’re (allegedly) so intoxicated that you drive off the road, through some ditches and then crash into the side of a house.

But when police officers in Florida caught up with Reliford Cooper (who got out of his car and ran), he said that it wasn’t his fault because his dog was driving the car, ABC Action News reports.

Reliford Cooper Via Manatee County Sheriff's Office/ABC Action News

Reliford Cooper was charged with DUI even though he claims his dog was doing the driving. Via Manatee County Sheriff’s Office/ABC Action News

Cooper, who was arrested for DUI, reportedly told the Manatee County officers that they were too slow to catch him, even though he wasn’t the one behind the wheel.

“My dog was driving that car,” Cooper said, according to ABC Action News. “I ran because I wanted to. You ain’t gonna find no drugs or guns on me.”

Police officers did report a “strong odor of alcohol and marijuana” coming from the vehicle, although maybe the dog was serving drinks, too. While there are no reports that the officers found any dog — let alone one capable of operating a motor vehicle — in Cooper’s car, there is a bit of glorious irony to the story. When Cooper ran from his wrecked car, he was tracked down by a K9 unit. Good boy.

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