Duck And Dog BFFs Find Forever Home Together

Finally, a happy ending for an unlikely friend pair, as duck and dog BFFs get adopted together.

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Together forever! Via Whitney Ransom/Barkpost

“How do you rescue a dog and a duck?”

This was a question Whitney Ransom never thought she’d ask, or answer, but it turns out, she did both. Ransom discovered the unlikely pair when they ended up in a Texas shelter and was so concerned that they’d be split up that she brought them both home with her to Arkansas, Barkpost reports.

When Sirius the dog and Sam the duck arrived at her home (which is on a large property that includes a pond with 15 tame ducks), Ransom assumed that Sirius would live indoors and Sam would join the flock in the pond.

Who's photobombing who? Via Fox 4 News

Who’s photobombing who? Via Fox 4 News

She was wrong.

“This duck doesn’t want to be near water. The duck loves the dog,” Ransom tells BarkPost.

Sam follows Sirius around indoors constantly, even when jumping into Ransom’s lap.

They might not be in the same species, but they're definitely family. Via Whitney Ransom/Barkpost

They might not be in the same species, but they’re definitely family. Via Whitney Ransom/Barkpost

For the other family dogs, who often accompany Ransom on wild duck hunts, having Sam around has been an adjustment. But she is sure to carefully supervise all interactions between Sam and the hunting dogs, and she is considering creating a duck habitat in one of her spare bedrooms.

Sounds like it could work, as long as Sirius can join!

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