Dual-Purpose Dog

A fearless hunter and loving companion, the versatile Dogo Argentino needs a capable, experienced owner.

In a scene typical of many hot nights in south Texas, three Dogo Argentinos, 4-year-old Loyal, 2-year-old Chewy, and 18-month-old Exodus, silently chase, catch, and hold their quarry — a 225-pound wild boar — until their human hunting partners arrive to dispatch it.

The Dogos, also known as Argentine Dogos, carry out their intended purpose while clad in protective vests and collars, and rigged with tracking devices. At the same time, they perform a valuable public service.

“We hunt for farmers and ranchers all around Texas,” says Michelle Christman, who owns Los Cazadores Dogo Kennels in Texas with husband Michael. “We volunteer this service because hogs do terrible damage to crops every year and hunting them with dogs is the most effective way of controlling them.”

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