Drowning Kitten Saved By CPR From Italian Coast Guard

Crew members spotted a cat in the ocean and put their rescue skills to the test.

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Charlie was resuscitated by officers and is now an honorary member of the crew. Via Corpo delle Capitanerie di Porto - Guardia Costiera/Facebook

Kittens are amazing. Proof: Italian military put everything on hold to save one.

On the way back to port last Friday, Italian Coast Guard officials pulled a struggling kitten to safety out of the water off Marsala, Sicily, Inside Edition reports. Guardia Costiera di Marsala’s mission wasn’t over though — the drowning kitten needed to be revived.

Posted by Corpo delle Capitanerie di Porto – Guardia Costiera on Friday, August 5, 2016

The cat, nicknamed Charlie, had been saved from floating in the water by a crew member who jumped in to save him. Once onboard, he began getting mouth-to-mouth from an officer.

The officer administered CPR, including small chest compressions. He even turned the cat upside down to push out water from his body through his nose and mouth.

The Italian Coast Guard posted about the incident on social media. The video of the rescue has been seen nearly 90,000 times. Now, Charlie has been deemed an honorary member of the Coast Guard. Once he finishes recovering at a local vet’s office, he will be adopted by the crew.

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