Driver Says Birds Need Him, Gets Out Of Traffic Violation

A man was caught using his cell phone while driving, but got out of what would have been a six-month road ban by saying he had to care for his parrots.

Chances are you live in an area where using your cell phone while driving is a no-no, and often comes with a heavy fine. Chances are you or someone you know have violated this law. (It? OK; I won? tell).

A man in the U.K. was caught doing just that. The violation would have caused Anthony Rinaldi, 49, a six-month road ban, according to Mirror, but he avoided the punishment when his lawyer said that it would cause an exceptional hardship for his parrots and Alsatian. If the ban had been imposed, Rinaldi would have lost his job, which meant ?as everyone with pets knows ?he wouldn? be able to cover the expenses required to keep a pet healthy and happy. The loss of income would likely also result in the loss of home. Where would his parrots and dog stay?

It is rare that a defendant can successfully get out of a violation by citing hardship on someone else. Rinaldi was reportedly shocked, but happy with the Paisley Justice of the Peace Court? decision. “When my wife left a couple of years ago she left me with Ryker, who I bought for her, and our two African grey parrots, Maisy and Gabe. They are a big part of my life. I love my pets. It? been a terrible couple of years and got worse when I was facing losing my job after being caught on my phone. But I was genuine and just told them how it would affect my life,” Rinaldi said, according to Mirror.

Being caught on your cell phone in the U.K. comes with a three-point penalty and a fine of ñ00 (or $157). The six-month ban is imposed when points on a license go above 12. Rinaldi was at nine points when he was caught talking on his phone while driving. Luckily Ryker, Maisy and Gabe won? have to be without their pet parent.

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