Drive to Procreate

Unneutered male dogs will go to great lengths to find female dogs in heat.

My male “show” Belgian Malinois barked, whined, scratched at his crate, pawed at the door when outside, paced and constantly obsessed about my female show Malinois whenever she came into season, or estrus, to the point I had to confine him where he couldn’t hurt himself trying to reach her.

Unneutered male dogs have been known to rip through crates, drywall, doors and window screens as well as climb, dig under, scale or jump fences in search of a tryst with some lovely, willing female in their own home — or even one several blocks or miles away. This can end with the dog becoming injured, lost, hit by a car or picked up as a stray. 

If your normally “happy at home” unneutered dog displays sudden wanderlust, a strong chance exists that a female somewhere nearby has gone into season. During this time supervise your dog when loose, and confine him securely when you leave. Of course neutering presents the best solution in keeping your amorous male from destroying property and siring unplanned litters. 

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