Drew Barrymore Laps Up Dog Role

"Beverly Hills Chihuahua” features Barrymore as snooty Chihuahua Chloe.

Drew Barrymore says she jumped at the chance to voice spoiled Chloe, a diamond-clad, bootie-wearing Chihuahua in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.”

“It was fun to play someone who starts off kind of snooty and righteous,” Barrymore said in a statement.

The live-action film follows the story of Chloe, a pampered Chihuahua from Beverly Hills who goes missing during a visit to Mexico with her irresponsible dog sitter Rachel (played by Piper Perabo). When Rachel realizes the dog is gone, she recruits landscaper Sam (played by Manola Cardona) and his devoted Chihuahua Papi (voiced by George Lopez) to help in the search efforts.

“Chloe lives under the assumption that she must have that [pampered] life because she deserves it and because that’s her place,” says director Raja Gosnell. “She has no concept of her roots, her heritage, where she as a Chihuahua comes from. She doesn’t embrace her Mexican heritage.”

Producer John Jacobs says Barrymore added something special to the character. “When we saw Drew reading the character, Chloe just came to life, and everybody fell in love with the character on the spot,” he says.

“Beverly Hills Chihuahua” opens Friday, Oct. 3.

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