Dress Up the Cat for Halloween?

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon gives some Halloween tips for cat parents.

Q: My 6-year-old daughter wants to dress our cat up for Halloween. What do you think?

A: I do not think it is a good idea for several reasons. Cats are dignified creatures and don’t like to look silly or foolish. They tend to be very fussy about what goes on their bodies, as anyone who has tried to put on a collar or harness knows. I have seen pictures of kitties wearing all kinds of outfits and to me, they always appear to be stressed or bedraggled.

However a good friend had a great Halloween costume idea which I would like to share with you. She suggested her daughter dress up as their cat Katie, and it was a big hit. They took a close-up picture of Katie’s pretty calico face, had it enlarged on the computer, printed it out on heavyweight paper and made a mask out of it. They added a fake tail and a pair of leopard PJs and their daughter was the cat’s meow at the annual Halloween party. Also, it was a fun family project and their kitty was spared an embarrassing evening.

Halloween is a fun holiday, but your kitties should be kept behind closed doors in a separate room which will be their safe haven. This is particularly true if you are expecting lots of trick-or-treaters. Make sure the room has the essentials: food, water, litter pan, toys and treats. Put a sign on the door “Do Not Enter — Cat Inside” to keep her safe from unwanted ghosts and goblins.

Wait untill all the frenzy is over before you let her out. Also Halloween parties can leave items around that you do not want your cat to munch on, particularly candy wrappers and Silly String, so check thoroughly. Don’t forget to give your cat some more treats as a reward for sitting out Halloween comfortably. As always I welcome your comments and stories.

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