Dramatic Rescue of Dog Swept Off Rock Caught by Drone Camera

Dog makes it to safety after a wave sweeps him away.

A dog was standing on a rock at the picturesque China Walls in Maunalua Bay, Honolulu, HI, when a large wave struck and swept him into the ocean.

ocean dog rescue


Presumably, the dog’s owner was swimming at the time and the dog was looking for him. The incident was caught on camera by a drone, flown by another beachgoer standing on the rock. Just before the wave crashes, the dog can be seen frantically trying to find higher ground, but is unsuccessful and quickly finds himself in the water.

Seconds later, another wave crashes, plunging the dog again into the water, while he is paddling forward, desperately trying to reach the land and safety. After the water clears, a man can be seen swimming towards the dog to rescue him. It has not been confirmed but this man is believed to be his owner. The man grabs the dog and swims him back to the rocks to safety, where he passes him to another bystander. The dog, once again on land, was visibly shook from the incident and had a hard time getting its footing for a few seconds.

The drone footage was obtained by Hawaii News Now, who interviewed the drone operator, Donnie Klotz. Klotz told them “The dog was on the ledge because he followed his owner down. The owner jumped off the ledge at China Walls. The dog went down one level and was just, you know, looking for his owner…then the wave came.” 

It goes without saying that this dog was extremely lucky to survive. The jagged rocks and violent waves can be a deadly combination. In fact, earlier this year a 28-year-old man was killed at this very site from a similar incident. China Walls is a popular swimming spot, where there are several warning signs posted, no lifeguards and pets are specifically not permitted.

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