Oh The Drama: Cats Replace Actors In Famous Movie Scenes

Video editors sacrificed their time so you could see more cats in movies.

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The force is strong in mew.

What do pro video editors do with their finely honed skills? They replace actors in movies with cats.

A reel of cats replacing stars in several cinematic moments has been created by PistolShrimps and posted to YouTube.

“To them you’re just a freak… like me.”Via PistolShrimps/YouTube

“To them you’re just a freak… like me.”Via PistolShrimps/YouTube

Here’s a list of the movies profiled, with their new titles: “Kill Bill” (“Kill Cat”), “The Wolf Of Wall Street” (“The Cat Of Wall Street”), “The Lion King” (“The Lion Cat”), “The Dark Knight” (“The Dark Cat”), “The Empire Strikes Back” (“The Cat Strikes Back”), “Requiem For A Dream” (”Requiem For A Cat”) and “A Beautiful Mind” (“A Beautiful Cat”).

The force is with mew. Via PistolShrimps/YouTube

Lando is still a traitor in this one. Via PistolShrimps/YouTube

You’ll see a theme. But don’t just read the titles, go see them. Bring your cat.

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  • This stupid it wasn’t even funny, is that what u do with your extra time and money?

    Kelley Baker April 20, 2016 3:55 am Reply

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