Download The Overnight Guest Card

Have guests follow these simple house rules so everyone feels right at home around your pet bird.

Let your houseguests know what? appropriate around your bird ?and what? not ?so everyone can enjoy each other? company. Download our overnight guest card and place it in key locations in your home when guests are over so they’ll know the dos and don’ts regarding your pet parrot.

The guest card has the following text:

Dear Guest,

Hi! Welcome to my home!

Please keep the following points in mind so that we can both enjoy our time together.

  • You might scare me. That isn? anything against you, dear guest; I? just shy!
  • If I lean away, I do not want to be touched. If I don? lean away, please wait until my owner gives you permission before attempting to pick me up.
  • Please do not touch me through the cage bars. I can be territorial and might resort to biting you to protect my home. Please do not feed me anything! Some foods, such as avocados, chocolate, alcohol and caffeine can make me very ill, so play it safe and don? offer me food without my owner? approval first. I might really, really want what? on your plate and go to any means to get it, but don? let me have it!
  • I might be loud, but you are in my home! (I might be loud in your home, too, to be fairu Warning! I tend to be an early riser, as in as soon as the sun comes up, as a matter of fact. I also like to scream around sundown, so everyone knows it? almost bedtime!


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