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Double Amputee Adopts Dog Whose Front Legs Were Cut Off In Machete Attack

The dog was just a puppy when he was attacked for chewing on a neighbor's shoes.

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Cola, with his prosthetic legs, is mobile again. Via Soi Dog Foundation/ABC News Australia
John Virata

When Cola was just a puppy, he went to his owner’s next door neighbor’s house in Thailand and “nibbled” on a man’s shoes. As compensation, Cola’s owner offered the equivalent of $30 USD to the neighbor, but according to ABC News Australia, the neighbor came back later and hacked Cola’s front legs off with a machete.

Cola was rescued by the Soi Dog Foundation in Bangkok which was able to get the dog to a veterinary clinic in time to save his life. Cola was first outfitted with wheels to get him mobile and to help the wounds to his legs heal. He has since been outfitted with prosthetic legs and is walking again.

After having his two front legs hacked off with a sword, Cola shows the world he can rock prosthetics!

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Posted by Soi Dog Foundation on Thursday, July 28, 2016

“He managed to adapt to walking on his back legs only, kangaroo-fashion, but with [prosthetic] legs on is able to run and play,” Soi Dog Foundation co-founder John Dalley told ABC News Australia. “Dogs — and Cola is a good example — never cease to amaze me how, despite often enduring terrible cruelty, readily forgive and make wonderful pets. A few remain scarred for life and cannot be adopted so stay at our shelter for life.”

In an interesting twist of fate, Cola was adopted by John’s wife, Gill, who herself is a double amputee and is co-founder of the Soi Dog Foundation. Cola’s original owner didn’t feel the dog would be safe back in her care, living next to the man who mutilated the dog. Gill had her legs amputated in 2004 after she contracted a bacteria while rescuing a dog from a flooded water buffalo field in Thailand, according to ABC News Australia.

The duo originally moved to Bangkok to retire, but started their foundation to help the helpless animals in several cities in Asia, including Phuket and Bangkok in Thailand and cities in Vietnam and South Korea. They are also expanding to Myanmar, formerly Burma.

Cola and Gill Dalley, a double amputee. Via Soi Dog Foundation/ABC News Australia

Cola and Gill Dalley, a double amputee. Via Soi Dog Foundation/ABC News Australia

John told ABC News Australia that Cola’s attack is not surprising.

“Dogs come in every week with machete attacks — it is common to have those long machetes that are used for cutting grass, so we have dogs coming in with legs hacked off, but rarely two legs,” he said.

Cola is now mobile again and found a home with a like-minded companion. The man who mutilated him, argued in court that the attack was accidental, according to ABC News Australia. He was sentenced to 30 days detention for his crime.

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