Don’t Let Your Bird Get Lonely

Leave the television on or play soothing music for your single bird while you are out of the house.

Purchase BIRD TALK Digital Back IssuesA companion parrot’s ?lock?is not limited to other parrots. There is no question that it includes humans and other animals. Many of us have found that a parrot’s life is greatly enhanced by the existence of other animals in the home, and parrots seem to enjoy having other creatures to watch.

Other Flock Members
Dogs and cats (if appropriately supervised) as well as other small pets such as mice, ratshamsters and guinea pigs can all make interesting companions for birds. A fish tank located in the bird room can also provide  a parrot with some interesting viewing. (Make sure, of course, that your bird can’t accidently fly into the tank.)

Sam, my single parrot of 30 years, seems to enjoy watching my cats and my tortoise interact, for example. She never showed any interest in any other parrot, including those of her own species ?blue-and-gold macaws.

Turn On The TV
If having another pet is simply not an option, a television tuned to a cartoon or game channel can provide entertainment for your bird while you’re out. In addition, playing soothing music, puzzle toys and foraging opportunities are excellent ways to keep a single parrot busy while its owner is at work.

Is My Single Bird Lonely?
Some birds require more attention than others, but that doesn’t mean a single bird can’t be happy. Find out more by checking out this article.

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