Don’t Disturb The Bird

Anyone going out of town this Memorial Day Weekend? Notice I didn’t say “Anyone else going out of town?” For me, it’s a “staycation” with the flock and family. I’m also not hosting anyone, but if I were, I would definitely download and hang the “Do Not Disturb Sign” that’s now on the BirdChannel homepage.

In the not-too-distant past, we hosted a backyard barbeque. To get to the back yard, you have to go through the bird room. One visitor was into birds, or thought he was into birds, so he opened Ollie’s cage and reached in. He was greeted with a “What-are-you-doing? This-is-my-cage!” bite.

It was after 8 p.m., and Ollie had already endured people passing by his cage for a couple of hours. Poor Ollie needed his space. A “Do Not Disturb” sign placed by his cage would have saved the guy from having a pinched, somewhat bleeding finger (I’ve had worse).

A “Do Not Disturb” sign would have saved me the time it took to explain that it was the visitor’s fault (how would you like it if someone barged in your home unannounced and scooped you off the couch?), and it would have given Ollie the quiet time he sought, evident by his long tail feathers peeking out from his favorite retreat, the tepee-shaped hidey.

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