Don’t Celebrate Easter By Getting A Live Rabbit

Check out these five reasons it’s probably not a good idea to get a live bunny for Easter.

rabbit in basket
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It’s fine to celebrate Easter with a rabbit who is already part of the family, but think twice if you’ve never owned a rabbit and want to get one for Easter.

You want a bunny for Easter? Go sweet, go stuffed, go virtual — just don’t go real! Of course real rabbits are adorable and of course they make great pets, but beware getting a bunny for Easter. Why? Here are five reasons.

Five Reasons To Avoid Adopting A Real Rabbit For Easter
1) The Holiday Reason: Holidays are usually a busy time. For Easter, this can involve attending religious ceremonies, going to or hosting a family gathering, taking a special trip, making a special meal, buying new clothes, coloring eggs, finding Easter baskets and many other obligations. The focus is the holiday. Any new pet joining a family needs the focus to be welcoming him and making him feel at home.

2) The Child Reason: Sometime, somewhere it became a bit of a tradition to give baby bunnies to children for Easter. Now this can be OK if a child is at least 10 years old and responsible, but oftentimes the bunny is handed over to a 4- or 6-year-old who might not fully realize that a baby bunny is a living creature that can be injured. And even if a child mentally understands that concept, he or she might not have developed the motor skills and coordination to properly handle a small pet. And you were not expecting a child to feed and clean up after the rabbit, right? An adult will do that, right?

3) The Gift Reason: Imagine going to a party and being given the gift of a live, 3-inch long hissing cockroach. The giver of this gift tells you how much fun you’ll have caring for it and watching it play. You’ve never heard of this cockroach before, but you realize that the gift-giver expects you to take home the hissing cockroach and care for it for the rest of its life. Most of you would probably be horrified by this (apologies to any hissing cockroach fans out there). This is an extreme example, but a perfect illustration of why no pet should ever be given as a gift. Unless a pet is a gift for yourself or the person you’re giving it to has expressed repeated interest in owning that type of pet, never give a live pet as a gift.

rabbit beside toy rabbit
© Courtesy Kim Smith
An alternative to a live rabbit, such as a stuffed rabbit toy, is one option if you want to get a rabbit for Easter.

4) The Decade Reason: What do rabbits have to do with a decade? Well, that’s about the life span of an average rabbit. That’s quite a commitment. Think about all that can happen in 10 years. For children, that can be the transition from grade school to high school or from high school to college.

5) The Alternative Reason: The Easter Bunny is everywhere at Easter. Enjoy the fun side of rabbits by choosing an alternative to a live rabbit. Candy rabbits are a hit, unless you’re watching calories or cavities. You could opt for getting a stuffed toy rabbit. Pretty soft and cute with no clean up or feeding required. You could also sponsor a rabbit at a local animal shelter or rabbit rescue, visit one or adopt one virtually. Visiting rabbits at a rescue or shelter is a great way to find out if rabbits are the right pet for you.

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