Donna’s Pet Bird Holiday Picks

Practical goodies for your pet parrots and parakeets.

Donna Garrou of the avian-only store BirdStuff showed BIRD TALK/ Editor Laura Doering her top picks for pet bird owners to stuff in their parrots’ stockings this holiday season. Garrou revealed her customers’ favorites, plus some brand new bird toys and products you haven’t even see yet! BirdStuff is located in Orange, California. Contact 714-639-6039 or go online to for more information.

Donna’s Parrot Product Picks

Click on each link to see the product image:

1) SunMuffin by Greenfeather;
2) ZigZag Senior by Greenfeather;
3) Birdie Blankie Small by Choppers Toys;
4) Party Surprise by Choppers Toys;
5) Super Shredder Ball (three sizes) by Platinum Tweeter Toys (Check your local retail store.)
6) Teaser Rattle by Brainy Bird Toys;
7) See Saw: Creative Foraging Systems by Caitec;
8) Windmill: Creative Foraging Systems by Caitec; [Image coming soon!]
9) Push and Pull: Creative Foraging Systems by Caitec;  [Image coming soon!]
10) Foraging Wheel Gen.II: Creative Foraging Systems by Caitec;
11) Hollywood Goes Green and other Harrison’s kits by Harrison’s Bird Foods;
12) Bird Cookies by Zupreem, Inc.;
13) Aluminum Travel Carriers by Kings Cages;
14) Perpetua Life Jewel Pendant by Zoogen; 

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