Donations and Relief Efforts for Dogs in the Gulf States

AKC and AKC/CAR send the first relief shipment to the Gulf States and launch web-based donation exchange.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) and affiliated organization AKC Companion Animal Recovery continue relief efforts with a shipment of bowls, crates and exercise pens to the Louisiana State University Veterinary School staging area in Baton Rouge in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. For people wanting to volunteer much needed equipment, housing and personal resources, such as foster homes and offers of transporting dogs, AKC has set up a web-based donation exchange on its website.

“As is our tradition, AKC will take whatever steps are necessary to do what is in the best interests of helping dogs in need,” said AKC Chairman Ron Menaker. 

“AKC and AKC/CAR want concerned animal lovers to know that 100 percent of donated funds go directly to helping animals with no funds used for administrative purposes,” said AKC President and CEO Dennis B. Sprung. “The AKC family is a vast network of clubs, club members and individuals from around the country who have opened their hearts to helping dogs that have been lost, displaced or injured by Hurricane Katrina. As an organization we will continue to send whatever supplies are needed to help in our relief mission.”    

In addition, AKC launched a donations exchange database on its website with “Need Help?” or “Want to help?” buttons on its home page. People can list resources, equipment, and transportation offers to those canine victims and their owners in the devastation in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and in Texas and Florida where relief efforts are underway. So far, we have an outpouring of relief from many people including a homeowner with a spare bedroom for a family with pets to offers of fostering dogs with medical needs to driving animals to a shelter. Those in need of such assistance can search the database by state.   

AKC is a “club of clubs” with nearly 5,000 member, licensed, and affiliated clubs with thousands of volunteers across the country ready to help the dogs affected by the disaster. While donations are paramount on everyones mind now, relief efforts will continue for weeks and months. AKC clubs are coming forward donating portions of their proceeds from dog shows, and collecting funds at their AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day events at the grassroots level.  

As always, since the terror struck dogs and their owners just over a week ago, AKC continues to work with its club delegates, presidents and secretaries and with the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Louisiana State University Veterinary School, the Houston Kennel Club and the Florida Association of Kennel Clubs to provide aid where it is needed most.

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