Donald Trump Your Cat: The Latest Instagram Craze

For unknown reasons, people are now making their cats look like Donald Trump. And it’s kind of funny.


We’ve seen a lot cats become internet sensations based on how they look. Whether it’s Grumpy Cat with her perpetually sour expression, Matilda with the alien eyes or Gary who looks like a Breaking Bad character (and a little like U2’s The Edge), cats with distinct looks always blow up the internet. Now, with Donald Trump in the news for being… well, for being how he is, the latest trend is to make your cat look just like him – courtesy of a toupee.

The instructions to do so, according to the trumpyourcat Instagram page, state: (1) Brush your cat, (2) Form the hair you brushed into a toupee, (3) Place toupee on cat and (4) Share and tag @trumpyourcat or #trumpyourcat.

Check out some of the Donald Trumped-up cats:

Would you Trump you cat?

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