Don? Forget Polly For The Holidays!

This holiday, stuff your parrot's stockings with these great bird toy picks!

Stuff your bird's stocking with these holiday gift ideas

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season we find ourselves short on time with an ever ending list of must do? before Christmas day arrives. Thinking of my own hectic schedule and shrinking time frame before the holidays, I can happily say that one shopping list has been completed and the parrot? toys are sitting under the tree. Being a caregiver for nearly four decades and being in parrot specialty retail for five, I have compiled my top must-have toys for your birds this holiday season.

Small Birds: Parakeets, Cockatiels, Parrotlets & Small Conures
Two of a Kind by Molly? Bird Toys: The toys consist of a pair of woven pouches that are stuffed with natural fiber for hours of foraging fun. Colorful translucent beads are affixed to each pouch and are perfect for small inquisitive beaks. Long colorful cylinders hang from each pouch complete with knotted fibers at the ends. For more information about the Two of A Kind toy, visit Molly’s Bird Toys website here.

Boogie Bird by Super Bird Creations: A balsa-wood block stuffed with paper sticks, plastic beads and plastic wheels to keep little beaks busy exploring. The soft balsa wood block core is a favorite of many birds and will entice even the fussiest beak to chew. As a finale, plastic chains adorn the bottom to swing and play from.  For more information about the Boogie Bird, visit the Super Bird Creations website here.

Medium Birds: African Greys, Amazons, Eclectus
Kito Toy 6-Strand by Graham’s Parrot Toy Creations: The Kito toy consists of more than 40 ?inch thick wooden squares strung on superior poly rope to chomp and destroy. The waffle-ball center, however, is the ultimate prize. Small treats can be put in the holes of the ball for hours of foraging fun. The toy comes in four different sizes depending on your bird? needs and desires. Four, 6 and 10 strands are available as well as a double-decker. To learn more about the Kito Toy, visit the Graham’s Parrot Toy Creations website here.

Balsa Block by Mighty Bird Toys: This toy is a large balsa-wood block that has been drilled and inserted with 12 wooden beads for your companion parrot to find and forage. Balsa wood is a great shredding material for both small and large birds. Soft and chewy, the wood comes off in little strips that are easy for your birds to handle with their beak or feet. To learn more about the Balsa Block, visit the Might Bird Toys website here.

Large Birds: Cockatoos, Macaws
Spiked Pi?? Extra Large by Planet Pleasures: This hand woven palm leaf toy has colorful palm leaf spikes on the outside and natural fibers and shredders on the inside for hours of tearing and shredding enjoyment. The crunchy outside will create auditory stimulation and pique your parrot? curiosity to find more shredding material inside. For more information about the Spiked Pi??, visit the Planet Pleasures website here.

The Nicholas by Bird Toys Etc.: This large 6-pound toy has it all. It measures over 20 inches long and is comprised of various types of wood for hours of chewing pleasure by the strongest of beaks. Rock maple, hard pine and Douglas fir are cut in various sizes, shapes and widths then adorned with colorful knotted 100-percent cotton rope. For more information about The Nicholas, visit the Bird Toys Etc. website here.

Remember to periodically check toys to make sure they remain safe after hours of destruction from a curious and powerful beak. Toys are meant to be destroyed and will not last forever. The quicker they are destroyed, the more enjoyment your companion parrot received from them. Find it a compliment for a toy well chosen if they do not hang around very long.

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