Domesticated Baby Fox Enjoys Sleeping And… More Sleeping

You thought YOU loved naps? Probably not as much as this sleepy red fox does. Her name is Rylai, and you can find her in Snoozeville.

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Rylai is truly the ideal snuggle buddy. Via Rylai the Fox/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

The goal of posting selfies with the #wokeuplikethis hashtag is show yourself in the morning looking sleepy, yet also refreshed and beautiful. Most of us don’t actually wake up like that, but Rylai the fox sure does.

Rylai is a domesticated red fox whose humans are thankfully showing off her angelic face all over social media. Ever since Rylai was a pup, or kit, she has been the star of her own Facebook page, Instagram page and YouTube.

While she is a red fox, Rylai has a white marble coat that looks like soft down. Maybe that’s why she always seems to be sleeping — because her fur is just so soft and comfortable. In fact, most of Rylai’s photos are of her fast asleep and snuggled up like the cutest fluffy creature ever to exist.

This little fox, who was born in April, naps LIKE A BOSS. Here are her top nine naps.

1. When she looked like she nodded off on a cloud.

#redfox #white #whitemarble #foxkit

A photo posted by Rylai (@rylaithefox) on

2. When her sleepy face was the most perfect face on the planet.

I can't believe how fast she is growing! My little #babyfox #rylaithefox #foxesofinstagram #petfox

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3. When she got caught up in her cute little fox dreams.

#foxdreams #babyfox #whitemarble #redfox #foxkit

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4. When she was determined to sleep anywhere and everywhere.

Nap time #foxnap #rylaithefox #sleepyfox #petfox #foxesofinstagram

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5. When the most uncomfortable looking position was obviously the most comfortable of all.

#upsidedownfox #foxkit #foxesofinstagram #whitemarble

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6. When she used her foxy tail as a pillow.

#theprincesssleeps #sleepyfox #foxkit #whitemarble #redfox #petfox

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7. When she fell asleep with her

When you’re the best of friends,Having so much fun together,You’re not even aware,You’re such a funny pair,You’re the best of friends!

Posted by Rylai the fox on Friday, June 12, 2015

8. When not even a nose boop could wake her.

#boop #fox #babyfox #petfox

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9. When her eyes were pinched so tight you thought she wanted to stay asleep forever.

We are relaxing for the 4th! What is everyone else doing?Hope everyone and their pets have a happy and safe holiday today!!

Posted by Rylai the fox on Saturday, July 4, 2015

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