Well-Behaved Dogs Refuse To Track Dirt Into The House

These four Golden Retrievers are so well-trained that they wait at the front door to have their paws cleaned.

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"OK, y'all. You know the deal. No clean feet means NO TREAT."
Chrissa Hardy

“Don’t track dirt into the house!” mothers everywhere say to their children. Yet somehow, pets can always get away with muddy paw tracks sans scolding.

Well, times they are a changin’.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Baudolino Aulari, four Golden Retrievers wait patiently at the front door for their owner to wipe their paws clean, one by one.

"Okay, who's up first?"

“Okay, who’s up first?” Via Baudolino Aulari/YouTube

These pups are so well-behaved that they even form a straight line while they wait!


“Next!” Via Baudolino Aulari/YouTube

It’s truly a sight to behold.

"Annnnnd NEXT!"

“Annnnnd NEXT!” Via Baudolino Aulari/YouTube

There’s no line-cutting, or the kind of jumpy excitement you’d expect from this happy breed (or any breed, for that matter). They stand perfectly still as they wait their turn to be called to the top step.

Saved the best for last.

Saved the best for last. Via Baudolino Aulari/YouTube

If dogs can do it, our kids can do it, too, right?

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