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Dogs Take Best Christmas Dinner Photo

There’s a kids’ table at family dinners; why not a dogs’ table too?

There’s a kids’ table at family dinners; why not a dogs’ table too?

There is always tons of food at Christmas in my family. The extended family gets together, each contributing some morsel to the plethora of edibles that adorn the countertops and table. Cookies, candy and cakes abound, not to mention all the food that doesn’t give people cavities.

At most holiday gatherings, the adults sit around one table while the children sit around another (it’s not so structured when my family gets together). The dogs, on the other hand, are either separated to keep them from jumping on people or bolting out the door as people come and go or they’re weaving around the table and people’s feet in the hopes that something tasty will be dropped or willingly given to them. Kelly Furr of Versailles, Kentucky decided to forego all that and just give her family’s dog and his seven friends a Christmas dinner table of their own. And the doggy get together made for the best Christmas dinner photo.

Christmas Dinner

 LEX 18/Facebook

Seriously, how cute is that? Did you include your dog (or dogs) in your Christmas get together this year?


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