Dog’s Separation Anxiety Soothed By Foster Kittens

Happy the dog had a hard time being alone. Now, with a pack of kittens to care for, he’s far from alone at all.

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Socialization might go both ways for Happy and his foster kittens. Via Margaret Haviland/The Dodo
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Happy the dog had a rough start to life. He was on the street, then rescued, then rejected by a family. One thing has helped the dear dog overcome it all: Helping other pets makes happy Happy.

The sweetheart of a street dog didn’t like being alone, so his first adopted family brought him back. With a little more fostering and love, he met the right match. Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society placed Happy with a family who adopted a kitten, then fostered more little felines, which gave Happy the security he craved, The Dodo reports.

Happy and her brood. Via Margaret Haviland/The Dodo

Happy and her brood. Via Margaret Haviland/The Dodo

Margaret Haviland found out about Happy through some friends who met him and his foster family, and Haviland thought he was a good fit for her and her fiancé. Happy had some anxiety at first when his people left the house. Some of the old fear of abandonment came back to haunt him. Then a friend came along to help.

Last summer, the family adopted a kitten, K’noa, and later became foster parents to a litter of four kittens.


You’ve got a friend. Via Margaret Haviland/The Dodo

“He loves playing with them, and he seems to understand that he needs to be gentle,” Haviland told The Dodo. “The kittens love him, too! They nuzzle up against him, chase his tail. It is all pretty adorable!”

With the kittens home, Happy doesn’t appear to feel so alone anymore. Now, he can be a big foster brother to his little litter. While he’s helping them to socialize with other pets he’s also helping himself.

Sometimes, if you’re feeling down, helping others can lift you out of a bad mood like nothing else.

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