Dog’s Reaction When Her Gumby Doll Comes To Life Is Priceless

A really awesome dog owner surprised his dog by dressing up as her favorite toy.

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"Gumby, is that you?"
Stephanie Brown

Think about your favorite toy when you were a kid. How cool would it have been if that toy suddenly came to life? We would’ve totally lost our little child minds if our Teddy Ruxpin, for example, stopped playing what was on the cassette tape and actually started talking to us.

That’s exactly how a dog reacted when her favorite toy, a Gumby doll, seemingly sprung to life.

In a YouTube video posted by Ben Mesches, a Labrador Retriever named Jolene is seen chewing on a small stuffed Gumby doll, which is her favorite toy, according to the video’s description.

Then all of a sudden, a life-sized Gumby walks through the bedroom door. The look on Jolene’s face is priceless. It’s like she can’t believe what she’s seeing.

“What the what?” Via Ben Mesches/YouTube

Slowly she walks over to the giant Gumby, most likely played by the doting dog’s dad, and then proceeds to lose her little dog mind, jumping all over the place and wagging her tail.

Good job, Gumby. You just made your dog’s day.

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