Dogs Have The Same Shocked Reactions To ‘Game Of Thrones’ As The Rest Of Us

Dogs watched the most shocking "Game of Thrones" scenes ever and reacted exactly how you'd expect them to.

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"Wait... Ned Stark is.... dead?!"
Chrissa Hardy

Warning: This post contains spoilers.

If you’re a fan of “Game of Thrones” – the books, the show, or both – then you’ve had your mind blown and your heart ripped to shreds following the more shocking plot twists.

And in a video uploaded to YouTube by, dogs watch the most shocking scenes from “Game of Thrones” seasons 1-5, and have the same extreme reactions we’ve all had.

"OMG, she's a fire-proof dragon mother!" Via

“OMG, she’s a fire-proof dragon mother!” Via

When Ned Stark gets decapitated, our world was shattered because HOW CAN A SHOW KILL OFF THE MAIN CHARACTER? But we learned then that GoT was no ordinary show.

The Red Wedding will haunt all of us forever. Via

The Red Wedding will haunt all of us forever. Via

Even the dogs understand that nothing is off limits, as the world of Westeros has hardened us.

And with the fate of Jon Snow still unknown (until the season premiere on Sunday!) – he’s totally alive, right? –  his final scene last season still has us shaking with disbelief.



Don’t worry, dogs. The humans feel your pain.

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