Pack Of Dogs Can’t Wait To Play In Water Trough

As soon as their owner says, "Go have a drink," these pups have a race to the trough.

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"Last one to the trough has to sleep with the cats!"
Chrissa Hardy

When you work hard, you should get to play hard. And that’s exactly what a group of hardworking Kelpies did on a farm in Australia.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Viral Hog, the dog pack sprints at full speed to a water trough where they proceed to jump in — pretty much on top of each other — and cool off.

The clips starts with them running on the grounds of their farm, with their owner riding alongside them on a quad.

Via Viral Hog/YouTube

Runnin’ like the wind! Via Viral Hog/YouTube

When their owner yells out, “Go have a drink,” they all continue their full sprint straight to the water trough.

Via Viral Hog/YouTube

Dogs in the trough is the new clown car. Via Viral Hog/YouTube

There are so many of these dogs, and only one trough, so the mad scramble to hop in the water is a chaotic mess of paws and wagging tails.

Once they’re all pretty much in there, the looks on their faces are utterly priceless.

Via Viral Hog/YouTube

“No, no. We can totally all fit. See?” Via Viral Hog/YouTube

Because there are few things more refreshing than splashing around in a pool of water on a hot day, am I right?

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