Dogs Wearing Iconic Red Carpet Dresses Is The Best Thing You’ll See On Oscar Sunday

From Bjork's swan dress to Angelina Jolie's gown with a sky-high slit, these dogs are killing it in iconic red carpet dresses.

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Who wore it best? Via Rover
Chrissa Hardy

The Oscars are about the awards, sure, but it’s also about the luxurious looks seen on the red carpet. It’s the grand finale of award season, so expect the bar to be raised to an all-time high.

To celebrate the best red carpet looks of the past, the team at, which pairs dog owners seeking vacations with pet sitters seeking jobs, has put their very own office pups in the most memorable dresses you’ve ever seen.

From the infamous swan dress to Angelina’s leg-baring gown, these dogs wear ’em well, and certainly deserve their own gilded statues. Here are our faves.

1. Bjork’s Swan Dress


Via Rover

Surprisingly, this look seems somewhat normal on a dog named Al.

2. Faith Hill’s Rainbow Gown


Via Rover

This pastel head-scratcher might not have worked for Faith, but the replica on Baeron is making us do a delightful double-take.

3. Angelina Jolie’s Peek-a-Boo Leg


Via Rover

No idea what happened at the 2012 Oscars other than Angie’s leg making a dramatic appearance. But, Gus, you’re rocking it just as well.

4. Diane Keaton’s Dapper Tux


Via Rover

Diane slays in this suit, hat and gloves, but Bowser’s got the underbite, sooooo….

5. Lara Flynn Boyle’s Ballerina Dress


Via Rover

Outside of a ballet, tutus don’t really make sense for grownups. Lucky for us, tutus always look good on dogs.

6. Lizzy Gardiner’s American Express Gold Card Dress


Via Rover

Lizzy is a costume designer and she chose a wall of credit cards to walk down the red carpet in. But Herbie’s just an adorable pooch, so he definitely wins this round. Herbie doesn’t know any better. You do, though, Lizzy.

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