Dogs Now Covered by Progressive Insurance

Pets injured in car accidents are now covered under an insurance company’s new policy at no additional charge.

Progressive insurance company expanded their collision insurance coverage this month (Sept. 2007) to cover pets who are injured in car accidents, regardless of fault.

The insurance company will pay up to $500 if a customer’s dog is injured or dies as a result of an accident. The pet coverage is included on collision insurance policies at no additional charge. Typical car insurance policies cover pets in the car of the person who did not cause the accident, but not the pets of the person who caused the accident, Progressive reports.

“Knowing that most people see their pets as family members, this just felt like the right thing to do,” says Geoff Souser, product manager for Progressive.

The pet coverage is currently available in 46 states, and the District of Columbia. Dogs do not have to be kenneled or restrained in the vehicle in order to be covered under the new policy, but owners should always take proper safety precautions for dogs riding in cars.

“It’s too early to say at this point,” Souser says of customer feedback, “but we hope our customers will be pleased. We think they will appreciate the fact that Progressive understands how much their pets mean to them and is ready to help in case their dog or cat is injured in a collision.”

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