Dogs Napping With Their Adopted Cat Brother Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Watson, Kiko and Harry are as snug as three bugs in a rug.

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Big spoon, small spoon and a teaspoon in the middle. Via Wat.Ki/Instagram

Naps are good, but snuggles are great, right? Yes, that sounds like a T-shirt you’d see on some annoyingly upbeat hipster, but it’s also the truth for these three best friends.

Watson and Kiko are two Golden Retrievers who love to nap nose-to-nose, with their adopted brother Harry the cat in the middle.

Jennifer, the trio’s owner, frequently Instagrams pictures (and videos, like the one above) of their midday snooze sessions — and we’re so glad that she does. Looking at the pics of these adorable animals makes us want to grab our favorite blankets and get comfortable with them (and they’d probably be cool with that).

We’d say sweet dreams, but look at those little faces! It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

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