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Dog’s Last Day At ‘Today’ Show Makes For Teary TV

Puppy with a Purpose Wrangler spent a year socializing with the morning show crew in preparation to become a guide dog, and their sendoff could make your eyes well up.

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Wrangler the puppy had quite a year on the "Today" show. Via Today/Facebook

Even when it’s for the best, it’s hard to say goodbye. That’s how the hosts of the “Today” show must have felt when they gave Wrangler, their guide-dog in training, a sendoff.

The “Puppy with a Purpose,” as Wrangler was known, left the show this week to continue with his guide dog training, according to

The Labrador Retriever spent the past year with the TV crew, beginning at age 8 weeks, getting comfortable with new people and places to better socialize him for his life ahead.

A bittersweet goodbye to WranglerHere’s a look back at the memories that we made with Wrangler and his exciting road ahead.

Posted by Today Show on Thursday, March 10, 2016

And what a year it was. Wrangler met celebrities on the daily talk show, ranging from Chrissy Teigen to Jon Hamm to Anne Hathaway to Salma Hayek to Cookie Monster. All in the name of socialization, which will help him succeed as a working canine in the Guiding Eyes For The Blind.

Pre-show rituals.

Posted by Today Show on Wednesday, February 25, 2015

According to his farewell video, “Wrangler instantly became friends with everyone he met.”

Someone in the Orange Room got a new bed! (Hint: It’s not Carson Daly.)

Posted by Today Show on Thursday, January 21, 2016

In addition, he travelled 30,000 miles over the year, seeing snow, skateboards and statue gardens. His puppy-raiser Saxon Eastman said he was a nice dog who would be successful as a guide dog, based on all the experience he’s gotten on the show.

Wrangler had so much fun during his first snow day this weekend! Did your pet have fun in the snow, too? Share your photos in the comments below and we might show them on air! #OrangeRoom

Posted by Today Show on Sunday, January 25, 2015

“Our puppy with a purpose grew up right in front of our eyes while learning skills needed to become a guide dog, and brightening up our mornings along the way,” the video voiceover continues.

Everyone who has me Wrangler has fallen for the dog. Via Today/Facebook

Everyone who has me Wrangler has fallen for the dog. Via Today/Facebook

His next step is to pass a test showing that he’s comfortable around noises and distractions. (Based on the video, we’re sure he’ll nail that test.) The following stage is five months of formal training to become a helpful, reliable assistant to someone in need.

We wish you the best, Wrangler!

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