Touching Photo Of Dog Taking Last Car Ride Goes Viral

A woman on Reddit posted a moving photo of her dog's last car ride. Get ready to cry.

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A wonderful way to honor Libra's memory. Via ewhippieyoustink2/Reddit

As a way to honor the memory of her late dog, Libra, Redditer ewhippieyoustink2 posted an incredibly moving photo Friday of the elderly Pit Bull mix’s last car ride before she died.

While there were a few commenters that complained of being bummed out by the sad tribute, the rest embraced the emotional post and shared many of their own memories of pets they still miss.

According to ABC News, the woman, April Kramer of Cocoa Beach, Florida, had Libra since childhood, and in 2013, the 15-year-old pooch’s health began to decline after an inoperable tumor was discovered on her lung. On the way to the vet’s office to put to Libra to sleep, Kramer snapped the now-viral picture.

The good ol' days with April and Libra. Via April Kramer/ABC News

The good ol’ days with April and Libra. Via April Kramer/ABC News

“I wanted a picture to remind me of how I always saw her,” Kramer, 25, told ABC News. “She was sticking her head out the window, and I thought it was perfect. It’s a very special picture because it was the very last one ever taken of her. She looked so happy and peaceful, but I think she was ready to go. I think in a way, she was grateful.”

RIP, Libra. You were certainly loved.

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