Dogs Kissing Babies: 6 Shining Examples of Why Every Baby Needs a Dog

What do you get when you put dogs and babies together? 6 insanely cute videos of dogs and babies kissing.

It’s pretty much fact that dogs and babies give the best and cutest kisses. So what happens when you put them both together? The internet is likely to break down in an overload of “aww.” These kisses are so epically cute that we can only assume they are being placed into the heartwarming hall of fame.

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While not every dog is great with kids and not every kid is great around dogs, there is no denying that when the right match is made, there is no better pair of friends. These adorable dog and baby duos are just too sweet for words and we can’t get enough! Watch these 6 adorable dog and baby kisses:

1. Sometimes it’s nice to just relax on the couch with a friend, share a few laughs and a few kisses.

2. These two cuties might not see eye to eye on everything, but like any good set of playmates they know that sometimes you just have to hug, (or kiss) it out.


3. This little Bulldog puppy just can’t get enough of this deliciously sweet little baby. We’d want to eat him up too!


4. This video has all the makings of a lifelong friendship as baby and puppy meet for the very first time. 

5. This dog wants to kiss this baby so badly, but his tongue is not quite long enough to reach 


6. This video is admittedly more of a “cuddle,” but it’s adorable and there is a kiss, so it counts.

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