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Dogs in Review’s Best of 2011

Visitors to found the following 10 articles most interesting in 2011.

Visitors to found the following 10 articles most interesting in 2011.

Dogs in Review


Check out our countdown of the 10 most-read articles by visitors in 2011.

10. The Evolution and Interpretation of Breed Standards
Success in Show Dogs, Dogs in Review May 2011.
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9. Owner-Handler Interviews
Top owner-handlers share their experiences in dog conformation.
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8. AKC Announces New Owner-Handler Series
New category kicks off in Jan. 2012 at the Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon.
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7. Umbilical Hernias
An umbilical hernia is a common condition that is often overlooked.
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6. The 2010 Top Sire and Dams of All Breeds
Official AKC records Jan 1. 2010 through Dec. 31, 2010. Figures reflect number of new champion offspring in 2010.
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5. Breed-Specific Instructions for Judges
A health project of the Swedish Kennel Club concerning exaggerations in pedigree dogs.
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4. AKC Judges: Facts and Figures
Everyone talks about dog judges, but nobody knows much about them.
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3. Seven Secrets of Show Dog Success
Part 4: Have a lot of money or know where to find it.
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2. Is Your Dog Getting Noticed in the Show Ring?
From “Hey, Look at Me,” Dogs in Review September 2011.
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1. Confessions of a Breeder-Owner-Handler
One breeder-owner-handler describes his motivation to stay in the sport.
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Setting Up Urban Chicken Coops
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