Dogs In Review December 2012 Table of Contents

Page 38

The AKC Chairman’s Report

Celebrating grassroots efforts by AKC clubs.
By Alan Kalter

Page 58

The Top Contenders for the 2012 Show Dogs of the Year Awards

Page 84

Dogs In Review Interviews Alan Kalter

By Bo Bengtson

Page 122

Judging Whippets

Five countries, five months, five specialties.
By Bo Bengtson

Page 128

Take a Walk on the Rare Side

By D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.


Page 130

India: On the Saluki Map

By Neil Trilokekar

Page 138

The Future of the Sport

By Michael Dugan

Page 177

The Seven Secrets of Show Success

By Michael and Cathy Dugan


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