Dogs in Review Columnist Wins Maxwell Medallion

Debra M. Eldredge, DVM, won a 2013 Maxwell Medallion for her Dogs in Review column "Health Matters."

The 2013 Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) Annual Awards Banquet, held February 9, 2014, at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York city the Sunday evening before the Westminster dog show, honored outstanding writers for their work in 2013. Debra M. Eldredge, DVM, was recognized for her bi-column published in Dogs in Review magazine, “Health Matters,” in the Magazine: Regular Column or Series category.

“It is always an honor to win a Maxwell award from DWAA,” Eldredge says. “The Regular Column in a Magazine category is one of the toughest. There tend to be a number of entries, and competition is stiff with many award-winning writers competing. So it was a wonderful surprise to learn that this year not only was ‘Health Matters’ a finalist, as it has been on a number of occasions, but also the winner!”

In “Health Matters,” which has appeared in Dogs in Review magazine for many years, Eldredge covers health issues important for breeding and for showing dogs on the show circuit. “I think it is extremely important that we make health a priority for our purebred dogs,” she says. “As someone who has purebred dogs and competes in many dog sports and venues, I know first-hand just how important good health is for our show dogs. And I would like to thank the many breeders and exhibitors who have given me input over the years.”

This year Eldredge also won a Maxwell Medallion from the Dog Writers Association of America for her article “Horse Roof Trimmings,” which was published on She was also nominated for two books in the Single Breed” category, but Jim Cheskawich won in that category for his book, The Story of Rex of White Way, The Blizzard King.

Deb M. Eldredge, DVM, lives in upstate New York and is a veterinary graduate of Cornell University. She was the first recipient of The Gentle Doctor Award given at Cornell for the Best Patient Care. She has been mostly in small-animal practice and is now semi-retired. Her interests include genetics, cancer and preventive medicine as well as sports medicine for dogs. She has been involved with purebred dogs and dog sports since 1978, participating in obedience, herding, tracking, rally, agility and conformation.

The Dog Writers Association of America was founded February 13, 1935, in the Westminster Kennel Club’s meeting room at the old Madison Square Garden. DWAA holds an annual writing competition open to dog writers, photographers, editors and publishers, both amateur and professional. For more information about the Dog Writers Association of America, visit


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