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From "Editor's Note," Dogs in Review, January 2011

Dogs in Review


Welcome to our January issue and the start of Year No. 15 for Dogs in Review.

I can still remember the phone call from magazine founders Bo Bengtson and Paul Lepiane 16 years ago, sharing their exciting plans. I was flattered to be among the confidants Bo and Paul approached, asking if we thought a new, intelligent dog-show magazine committed to excellent editorial content as well as elegant ads would fly? The answer, based on the issue you are now holding in your hands, is a resounding “Yes!”

Like many, I treasured my copy of Volume 1, Number 1, published on newsprint and with Jean Heath’s unforgettable Lakeland ‘Awesome Blossom’ as its first cover girl. That issue still holds a place of honor on my bookshelves at home. Back then, as a breeder-exhibitor, journalist and reader, I was thrilled by the launch of Dogs in Review, many years before I joined the magazine’s team. I was enormously proud of Bo and Paul for having created this publication that was so immediately and warmly received by the fancy. They raised the bar and the audience responded. Today, my pride is even more heartfelt.

This issue has a decidedly international flavor to it, starting with the dog on our cover, the Scandinavian-bred Pharaoh Hound ‘Qing.’

Bo Bengtson reports on the recent AKC/Eukanuba National Championship where the sense of a global dog community was so strongly felt. With more than 40 nations competing, the World Challenge of course spoke to the international nature of our sport. In addition, foreign dogs won Best of Breeds and placed in Groups.

Many foreign judges were on the panel at AKC/Eukanuba and that momentum will be maintained through February when Paolo Dondina of Italy judges Best in Show at Westminster.

Mere days after the AKC/Eukanuba event, the city of Helsinki, Finland, hosted the huge Winner Show, attracting entries of 13,000. Dan Ericsson of Sweden and Kari Jarvinen of Finland, both of whom had judged in Long Beach, left swiftly for Helsinki, as did the AKC’s Ron Menaker who judged one of the Sporting Dog Groups. For results and photos of this famous event, read Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen’s report  in ‘World in Review’ (page 54). Widely traveled Canadian correspondent Dawne Deeley provides her own observations — two different Finnish Hounds, an indigenous breed, were among the top winners — on page 76.

We’re also delighted to welcome Karen Steinrock as a columnist. Karen, in addition to competing with her Newfoundlands in many arenas, is a public relations professional. If ever the fancy needed to improve its image and relationship with the public, that time is now. For her first column, Karen looks at how some parent clubs nurture budding breed enthusiasts while others rebuff them. I encourage you to read “In the Public Eye” on page 26.

Let us know how you feel about Dogs in Review. We’d like to hear from all of you, whether you’ve been reading since Volume 1, Number 1, or are a more recent arrival. My e-mail address is and I welcome your comments.

Allan Reznik, Editor-in-Chief

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