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Dogs Celebrate Being Home Alone By Jumping All Over Everything

When the owners are away, the dogs will jump on every possible surface, apparently.

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They got the house to themselves and they went NUTS.

When the cat’s away, the mice will play, right?

Well, in a video uploaded to YouTube by Life in the Dog House, the same is true. Except that in this version, it’s the owners that are away, and their dogs certainly do play… by jumping everywhere and all over everything.

Via Life in the Dog House/YouTube

“I can do whatever I want!!!!!” Via Life in the Dog House/YouTube

In the video, there are at least five dogs in this pack, and all of them have a clear understanding of how awesome it is to be home alone.

Via Life in the Dog House/YouTube

“Guys, THE FLOOR IS LAVA.” Via Life in the Dog House/YouTube

The wild ringleader of the pack is the main jumper, and goes from couch to ottoman to the other couch in massive leaps and bounds.

Via Life in the Dog House/YouTube

“You can’t jump as fast as I can. Go ahead, try it!” Via Life in the Dog House/YouTube

By the end of the video, all of the dogs are hyped up, jumping all over the place, and the couches are nowhere near where they are supposed to be.

Oh boy. You pups JUST WAIT until Mom comes home.

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