Dogs Have Barking Good Time at Concert in Times Square

Experimental performance artist Laurie Anderson played a concert for dogs as a companion piece to her film "Heart of a Dog.”

Dog Concert


Who doesn’t love a good concert? You’re in the crowd along with people who love the band or musician just as much as you do. You can sing along to every song and experience something completely different from sitting at home and listening to the album. Unfortunately, our dogs are rarely – if ever – allowed to join us. That is, until last Monday night. In fact, we were the ones joining our dogs.

Musician and performance artist Laurie Anderson treated the dogs of New York to a special concert just for them. It was even played at a frequency to their liking. The concert was held at 11:45 p.m. in Times Square in 16-degree Fahrenheit weather. Bundled up except for her hands, Anderson played the tape-bow violin that, according to The Guardian, could barely be heard through the speakers… by the humans at least. It was the perfect frequency for the dogs. Humans were given headphones to hear the music.

A Border Collie named Phoebe reported began barking when she heard the music while a long-haired Chihuahua called Sophie sat and watched Anderson play. By the end of the concert a great deal of the dogs were barking, perhaps in their attempt to sing along.

Following the set, a three-minute portion of Anderson’s film “The Heart of a Dog” played on billboards.

Would you take your dog to a concert?


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