Dogs Get The Workout Of Their Lives Chasing An RC Car At The Park

Next time you take your pooch to the dog park, you might want to ditch the game of fetch and have him chase an RC car instead.

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A pack of canines at the dog park get an epic workout while chasing an RC car.

For owners of high-energy dogs, it often can be difficult to wear your dog out mentally and physically so he doesn’t destroy the house. Some enroll their pups in agility classes, while others practically live at the dog park in the hopes that their pets will come home exhausted. Here’s another idea: have your dog chase an RC car.

"Slow down, car! We want to chew on you!" Via Christopher Butler/YouTube

“Slow down, car! We want to chew on you!” Via Christopher Butler/YouTube

In a YouTube video posted yesterday by Christopher Butler, a pack of dogs have the time of their lives chasing an RC car at the dog park — much to the amusement of the crowd of dog owners who have gathered to watch the fun.

Amongst the group is a big brown pooch who happily sings the song of his people and a husky who is determined to hunt down the toy car, no matter what the cost.

"Must…chase…car!" Via Christopher Butler/YouTube

“Must… chase… car!” Via Christopher Butler/YouTube

We bet these dogs will be out like a light the minute they get home, dreaming of dog bones and fast cars.

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