Dogs Get Frequent Flyer Rewards

Midwest Airlines expands its popular pet travel program.

Midwest Airlines is giving dogs a special welcome gift when they check in with their owners for travel on the airline.

The Premier Pet Travel Pack is part of the airline’s popular Premier Pet Program, the first program of its kind to offer frequent-flying pets the opportunity to earn free travel.

The packs contain dog shampoo, a copy of Fido Friendly pet travel magazine, bottled water, and dog treats, and will be offered to dogs and their owners traveling from Kansas City, Mo. or Milwaukee, Wis.

Since Midwest Airlines introduced the Premier Pet Program in 2005 the number of pets traveling on the airline has more than tripled. Pets earn one free roundtrip ticket for every three roundtrips (or six one-way trips) they fly.

Additionally, pet owners who are members of the airline’s frequent flyer program, Midwest Miles, can fly their pets roundtrip for free below cabin by redeeming 15,000 miles or in the cabin by redeeming 20,000 miles.

More than 1 million miles have been redeemed for pet travel on the airline so far this year, according to Susan Kerwin-Hagen, a spokesperson for the program.

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