Dogs Evacuated To California During Hurricane Harvey Evacuated Again Due To California Fires

The Northern California animal shelters are looking for fosters and those who wish to adopt.

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These senior dogs are ready to be evacuated due to the fires in Northern California. Via Compassion Without Borders/Facebook
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More than 20 dogs evacuated from Texas to California during Hurricane Harvey were evacuated again from several NorCal shelters due to the raging fires in the state’s wine country.

The Humane Society of Silicon Valley took in 14 dogs and two puppies, seven which had just arrived from Hurricane-ravaged parts of Louisiana.

“In any case, animals always have some degree of stress when moving homes. HSSV works to alleviate the stress as much as possible,” Michelle Nicholson, a spokesperson for the Humane Society of Silicon Valley told

Welcome seniors from Santa Rosa’s Compassion Without Borders

#Safe #TubbsFire Help us welcome 8 new Muttville senior dogs, originally rescued by our friends Compassion Without Borders in Santa Rosa! CWOB’s shelter was thankfully spared from the wildfires that ravaged Santa Rosa on Monday but many animals in that area are displaced. Muttville did its part by taking their adoptable dogs in order to make room at CWOB for displaced dogs from wildfire areas.

Here are Muttville volunteers and CWOB volunteers with the new senior mutts, ready for their new beginnings! Some are from Mexico, others are from California’s Central Valley. Look for their profiles soon at or meet them this weekend at our adoption event!

Thanks, Erick, Jerri, Deirdre, Jennifer and Audrey! (And Patty behind the camera!!)

Read more about CWOB’s wonderful rescue work at

Posted by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue on Tuesday, October 10, 2017


The largest of the deadly fires are reportedly in Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino counties.

Santa Rosa-based Compassion Without Borders, which is in Sonoma County, hasn’t received the order to evacuate yet but has been proactive in moving some of their animals out of the facility, including eight senior dogs that were taken in by San Francisco-based Muttville Senior Dogs Rescue. Two of those senior dogs were rescued from the Houston area in September, also survivors of Hurricane Harvey.

BIG THANKS to Muttville senior dog rescue, one of our shelter partners, who graciously took 8 of our ‘seniors’ into…

Posted by Compassion Without Borders on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

“The animals are safe from the fires raging in Sonoma County,” the organization wrote on its Facebook page. “Muttopia’s location in Santa Rosa is not an evacuation zone at this time. We are prepared if things change and the dogs are all loaded up and ready to go if necessary.”

The Milo Foundation, which took in 20 dogs as a result of Hurricane Harvey, were forced to evacuate its Mendocino County sanctuary due to the fires, which have so far killed 21 people, with 560 missing. Its Richmond facility is looking for foster homes as it is also reaching capacity, according to The Mendocino Animal Shelter has reached capacity as well. All the shelters are looking to place these animals either in foster homes or forever homes.

If you wish to take in an animal, contact Compassion Without Borders at 707-474-3345; Humane Society of Silicon Valley at 408-262-2133; and Muttville Senior Dog Rescue at 415-272-4172

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