Dogs Love To Hate This Donald Trump Toy

How do you think dogs would react if you handed them a toy that looks like Donald Trump? Exactly how you'd expect them to.

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The Dognald is a big hit among dogs, mainly because they can chew him up. Via thedailymaizey/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Donald Trump is not someone you have neutral feelings for. You either love him or you hate him.

But what do dogs think of him? Do they have an opinion about this floppy-haired, controversial Presidential candidate? Well, the only way to find out is to turn him into a stuffed toy and see how the dogs react, right? Right.

That’s exactly what Bark & Co, the creators of the BarkBox, has done with their creation of “The Dognald.” According to it’s “pawduct info” (squee!), “the Dognald’s reinforced seams (are) perfect for tough debates. And, you’ll never hear this plush guy squeak. Squeaking is for wimps. When chewed, The Dognald grunts. Like a winner.”

Even though this item is currently sold out, because it’s AWESOME, several pups have been given this rare gift. From the looks of things, it seems they have sided with the haters. Are you even surprised?

Here are six of the funniest reactions found on Instagram.

1. Ms. Simba is a feminist, sooo not a fan.

What do you mean I’m fired? #Dognald #barkbox

A photo posted by Ms. Simba ???? (@ms_simba) on

2. Look out, Dognald. Trouble approaches behind you.

3. This dog would just like to rip the Dognald’s arm off in one swift tug.

Apparently Remy isn’t the biggest Donald #Trump fan ???????? @thebarkshop #dognald

A video posted by Shannon Gupta (@shannonfgupta) on

4. Perhaps a quick chew may shut him up? this dog wonders.

5. The cat is not a fan. The Pugs follow the cat’s lead. Duh.

6. The song says it all, right here.

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