Dogs Compete in Televised Dock-Jumping Events

Watch canine competitors in DockDogs, the hottest new dog sport on TV.

Watching dogs jump off a 40-foot long dock into a pool of water has become a competition for many dog trainers, which will be chronicled on the Outdoor Channel television series “DockDogs.”

With variety of ages and dog breeds, DockDogs is a competition measuring how far dogs can jump off a dock into water. The show features the world’s top-ranked dogs running down a 40-foot dock, leaping into the air and entering a four-foot deep pool of water. After the dog’s trainer throws a toy in the water, each dog has 90 seconds to run down the dock and complete their launch.

The two categories include Big Air, which measures the length of the jump, and Extreme Vertical, which measures the height. More than 7,800 teams have signed on to compete.

The sport’s origin stems from men who worked on the docks and made bets with each other to see how far their dogs could jump into the water.

The show is a seven-part original series and will be televised on Outdoor Channel Thursday evenings at 9 p.m. EST. DockDogs will feature east, west and midwest regional qualifying events. The top qualifier in each region will be invited to the National Championship finals.

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